Use in-store Wifi to send personalized deals to your customers and increase sales.

1Choose your Wifi

2Connect with Facebook

3Receive a Coupon

Use Smart Wifi to :

Wifi Tracking

The Wifi sensors capture the signals transmitted from customers’ Wifi enabled devices. We provide you with key metrics like shopper foot traffic, visit frequency and dwell time to help you understand what is going on in your stores and optimize store experience.

Facebook Connect

Customers connect to your in-store Wifi using their Facebook credentials. It is a unique way to collect actionable insights about your customers. Wouldn’t you like to know the women/men ratio of your store visitors? What about the age structure? Isn’t it better to greet your customers using their name?


Once your customers are checked in on the in-sotre Wifi with their Facebook account, they are prompted a personalized content based on their Facebook profile : targeted coupons, loyalty program, satisfaction survey.

Control Tower

A unique online dashboard to visualize in-store metrics and customer data collected through Facebook Connect. Use it to manage and analyse your data from any web browser. And of course, it’s ready-to-export.


Smart Wifi is used everyday by industry leaders such as Total, UGC or Quick.
Our experience ranges from retail to hospitality, banking and transportation (airports...). Discover below some business cases.


Total is the 5th largest oil company in the world with 15,000 gas stations worldwide. Total has deployed Smart Wifi to increase customer loyalty program acquisition in gas stations.


UGC is the second largest cinema operator in Europe with 49 sites and 553 screens. Customers connect to the hotspot using their Facebook credentials, then they are redirected to a landing page promoting the loyalty program 'UGC Illimité' and the UGC App.


Quick is a quick service restaurant brand operating 500 locations in France and Belgium. Quick has been using Smart Wifi to push special offers, increase the number of downloads of their app, and collect insights on their customers.



$100 per store / month

  • In-store analytics (dwell time / repeat visitors)
  • Control Tower (web dashboard) access for visualization and export
  • Facebook Connect Integration
  • Landing page customization tool
  • Technical support

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  • Indoor location (heat maps)
  • Campaign Builder
  • Mobile marketing consultancy
  • Extended mobile API to add to your retail app
  • Technical support
  • Assisted install

Our team is looking forward to help you make the most out of your Wifi.

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France : +33(0)9 72 29 16 88


We take shoppers’ privacy very seriously by applying 3 strict rules:

1All stores equipped with Smart Wifi must display a billboard stating that anonymous smartphone information can be recorded

2When using Facebook Connect, shoppers are clearly informed that their profile information can be collected by the store for marketing purposes, including e-mailing

3Both on the in-store billboards and on the social media connect webpage, customers are informed that all their personal data can be erased from all databases by simply sending an e-mail to


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